Possibility of transportation without TIR

Jenty is an official customs carrier of the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus, and the Republic of Kazakhstan.

This status grants a right to carry cargo during the transit and customs clearance without providing additional guarantees (such as Carnet TIR, customs escort, pledgery and insurance).

Advantages of shipment with the customs carrier license:

  1. The cost is lower than pledgery and insurance;
  2. The registration cost is known in advance, and is not subjected to any inflation indexes of the agents at the border;
  3. The cost does not include allowances for the insurance companies’ agents and subagents services;
  4. The registration procedure is proven and transparent.  Terms of registration at the border are minimal;
  5. Only the customs and the carrier participate in the process of shipping documents registration at the border (no agents or subagents);
  6. The Possibility of transportation into Kazakhstan (pledgery and insurance do not offer this opportunity);
  7. There is no possibility of convoy.

For the Jenty customers the license of a customs carrier means:

  • The opportunity to reduce transport costs;
  • The reduction of delivery terms.