Groupage Cargo Transportation

Jenty provides LTL transportation services which allow customer companies to dispatch or receive small cargo consignments with the maximum delivery speed and optimal transportation costs.
Our personnel offers you a groupage cargo transportation mode, calculates services’ costs and determines a delivery period taking into account a cargo nature and your preferences and requirements.

LTL transportation can be arranged in one of the following ways:
• company’s truck collects small consignments from different consignors one by one for further transportation to their destination
• company’s small-capacity trucks consolidate consignments at our partner’s warehouses in Western Europe, and then a groupage consignment proceeds by truck to destination terminals

Locations of cargo collection:
• Western Europe
• Eastern Europe
• Scandinavia
• Baltics
• Balkans (including Turkey)

Locations of cargo delivery:
• Belarus
• Russia (Moscow, Volga Region, Ural, Siberia, Far East, Northwest, South Russia)
• Azerbaijan
• Kazakhstan (Almaty, Astana, Ust’-Kamenogorsk, Aktau, Aktyubinsk, Kustonay, Shymkent)
• Uzbekistan
• Kyrgyzstan
• Tajikistan
• Turkmenistan

Groupage cargo transportation covers possibilities for consolidation, warehousing, handling and customs clearance.
We ensure perfect route cargo safety in the course of all additional procedures and in transit.

We are specializing in transportation of:
• high value cargos (avoiding extra costs for customs escort (convoy)
• dangerous cargo (except for ADR 1 and 7 classes)
• high cargos (up to 298sm high)

Every week we dispatch 3 trucks to Moscow Region, 2-3 trucks to Ural and Siberia, 4 trucks to Asia (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan).
Jenty is an official customs carrier which enables transportation of an unlimited quantity of cargos in a truck.
Groupage cargo transportation is the way to minimize your transportation costs.