Customs Clearance

By agreement with the customer, Jenty provides a package of transportation-related services, including those related to documents preparation and verification and customs clearance in the European countries and Russian Federation:

  • Consulting on the issues of the customs legislation
  • Handling of T1 general transit procedures and preparing Export Declaration
  • Filling in CMR and Carnet TIR
  • At exit from the European Union, verification of compliance of the cargo accompanying documents with the customs authorities requirements of the Republic of Belarus, Russian Federation and Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Filing electronic advance information (EAI) for the customs bodies of the Customs Union
  • Submission of an Advance Cargo Declaration
  • Issuing of customs documents and those related to customs clearance

Long-term cooperation experience with customs broker companies allows Jenty to offer its customers the transportation and customs clearance services on a one contact principle, which can guarantee substantial time and money savings.